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  Hi, it's Rob! My love and passion for hair extensions go real deep. For most of my life I have spent a lot of my time in the hair salons with my aunts who mostly specialized in the skill of hair extensions. However, it wasn't until I started having my very own experiences with the demand that I knew it was something I should practice even more.

 There was once a time where it was a shameful thing for a woman to wear hair extensions, but things have dramatically changed. Today, women are not only wearing hair extensions because they have to. Women all over the world are wearing hair extensions because they want to. 

 Many women not only find hair extensions to be beautiful, but they see it as a life saver. So many are becoming obsessed with just how natural wearing hair extensions can be. Time has definantly evolved the art of hair extensions.

With seeing so much of this evolution, It has encouraged me to take even. ore pride in the work that I create on my clients with extensions.  So much that I have invested in myself and have spent the last 10 years practicing the art of stitching and weft placement.  

This has allowed me not only the ability to master the art of hair extensions, but to also start developing my very own concepts and methods.

 The Seamless Hair Extension Method is the method that sets hair stylist and extension specialist apart from one another. Its having the ability to pay attention to detail, and maximize on the final outcome.



Here's The Problem...

Hair extension services are not cheap! I have heard stories of women paying over $2,500 on extension services. But, thats not the problem. That proves that if its good most women will pay you whatever you choose to charge. The problem is many hairdressers choose not to evolve with the standard of sewing in hair extensions today. Women today are much different! Although wearing extensions is much more normal these days, women still want to make sure it looks good, has some longevity, isn't hanging loose, and doesn't have any wefts exposed.


You Are The Solution!

You’re not alone, many hairdressers just like you are hungry and the fact that you are even here right now reading this means you’re extremely passionate, and that’s what I love.

It’s exactly why I created The Seamless Sew In Online Course, because I have been there. It takes a lot of courage to humble yourself to be taught something you may not be as familiar with as the next person. But, the reward's priceless.

 I've been there! The good news is you're dealing with someone who has had years of experience. There’s so much to learn about when practicing hair extensions. It’s more than just providing a service, the key is becoming a problem solver and solution developer.

 The Seamless Sew In Online Course was created for the hairdresser who wants to take it to the next level with their extension services. The Seamless Sew In Online Course is going to be the tool to getting you exactly where you want to be with your hair extension services. 

 There’s so many years of invested intellectual property, perfected technique, and solution development that I will give you.

 This Online Course will give you all of the guidelines you need to keep you booked. You'll discover how to stay in demand, producing excellent quality, promoting your status to Hair Extension Specialist, and ultimately giving yourself the raise you deserve and increasing your income; plus a few bonuses I've thrown in!

See You Inside,

Rob Fooks 



Here's What You Will Learn....

Tools, Products, Prep:

  • The Perfect Client Consultation
  • How To Choose Proper Hair 
  • Preparation to Avoid Breakage & Alopecia
  • Custom Sectioning & Leave Out Part Offs. 
  • Perfect Braid Foundation For Flat Finish. 
  • Protective Net Types, Purpose & Application 

The Seamless Method Process:

  •  Protective Net Placement 
  • Alopecia Recommendations
  • Weft Position & Placement
  • Traditional Stitching
  • BONUS>Unlock Rob’s Invisible Stitching
  • BONUS>Unlock Rob’s Micro Link Secret

 Style Prep:

  • Prep The Leave Out
  • Silk Blow Out
  • Maintenance 


  • The Cut 
  • Modern Styling ( Tousled Waves & Body Curls)
  • Marketing & Administration 

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